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Fanart Sketches


la la la...
digi charat
manga chibi-chibi
Manga Chibi-chibi
ahhhh! sd attack
SD attack!

Happy Fai Valantine

Sailor Pluto
A happy Sailor Pluto


Ahhh! isn't that cute
two sleepy chibies
chibi moon princess
Chibi Moon princess
take me back!
Loud Chibimoon
beautiful closeup of neptune
Beautiful Neptune
sad neptune
Sad Neptune
action chibi-chibi
Chibi in action
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ALL art on this page is copyrighted to Lili Melikian! Please ask for my specific permission before using, redistributing or altering any of my images. Please understand that it takes a long time to create these images, and it is a mentally and physically exhausting task. Some images are borrowed credits are given in the links pages.