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Anime Artists

A great page with lots of anime art, fanart, and BBS.
A well-run site that includes some nice PS tutorials.
Very cool anime art mostly original. Stopped updating ...?
Wow! another person, Saka is so talented.  
Ahh! dangerously good cg abilities ahead.<---*-*
Cool Gargoyle style pix~ awesome site layout.
really really cool graphics, beware of goolly eyes.
really cute anime art site with a lot of stuff on it.
very cool anime art site must see.
very cool hand drawn stuff, like a ton of it!
A very talented artist with some beautiful techniques.
Nicely done hand drawn anime pix, very pretty.


A very cool tutorial site for all those people that want to learn.

Second Reality

Not a anime artist but still one hell of a 3d artist. I am trying to learn this stuff! So ...hard