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Venus Crescent Beam! ^_^ This is once again a close up of a half face.  People please don't make the same mistake that i have made and place things right on the face.  In this picture it looks as if mina's eyes are trying to run away from her face.  try to make everything proportionate and correctly placed. Well i hope this tour of my crappy beginner art hasn't bored you too much, heck i want to congratulate you if you have come this far and not snoozed off.  Now head of and grab a pencil and paper and draw away ^_^. 



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ALL art on this page is copyrighted to Lili Melikian! Please ask for my specific permission before using, redistributing or altering any of my images. Please understand that it takes a long time to create these images, and it is a mentally and physically exhausting task. Some images are borrowed credits are given in the links pages.