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Hello and welcome to this very special section of studio usagi's gallery, here i have posted a very small selection of works done by me at a earlier time in my life please come in and enjoy the cheerful sketches of an innocent child.  

Ahh! my eyes, i am blinded, don't go in there!

Kero! Don't' scare the poor people off! okay so the sketches aren't so good but they are here for an educational experience, to show everyone that you don't just become a great anime artist ( i am by no means referring to myself as a great anime artist) but that you have to put a lot of effort and practice into it.  I have posted a select group of sketches from which you can see what errors i have made in the past and avoid them yourself.  

 Well okay come on in, but please read the following warning.

Warning: the surgeon general has declared this site unstable
and blindingly bad illustrated. Proceed with caution




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ALL art on this page is copyrighted to Lili Melikian! Please ask for my specific permission before using, redistributing or altering any of my images. Please understand that it takes a long time to create these images, and it is a mentally and physically exhausting task. Some images are borrowed credits are given in the links pages.