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Welcome to studio usagi's interaction zone ^_^ doesn't that sound cool? anyhoo here you have access to various board on which you can interact with other people and me. 

Behave yourself in the forums though or else kero will come and whoop your booty! 

Please do not post anything which may be offensive to others, be respectful and considerate.  please do not post anything on these forums which would be inappropriate for children under 13 years of age. Thank you.  

 Here you can post written stuff and engage in conversations with other people. Note: my honey board is originally from Japan, some elements may be still in japanese, if your browser requires you to download a japanese font don't be alarmed you don't need it to view my honey board.

oekaki bbs is designed to let surfers draw stuff online using a very sophisticated and cute java script and then be able to post it so that others may comment on it.  I would love to see your drawings and promise to comment on everything posted on this oekaki board.

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